I am thinking that perhaps I need a serenity prayer. Not the usual one though. More like a little strength to not over-indulge on the cruise this weekend. Do they have one of those?

Every time I mention the Disney cruise I am going on, most people say “Oh you will love the food” or “Wait until you see all of the food.”

It’s making me nervous. Why isn’t anyone saying “Wait until you see that fitness center” or “You will be surprised at how great a late night walk feels.” Those are the kind of things I want to hear. Those are the kind of things I need to hear.

I really have checked out the fitness facilities online and looked at the track on one of the decks. I looked at all of the activities available and realized that this is an amazing opportunity. This should be really fun. I am really looking forward to it.

Everyone in my family is a little sick right now so I am feeling a little guilt about even getting away for a few days. But I am a little sick too so I figure that it all evens out. I have almost lost my voice.

I think that it is that change in the weather thing we have going on here in Georgia. It is getting a little colder. I may have to find my winter jacket. Well, actually it is more like a heavy sweater. I don’t really own a winter jacket.

I went to an event last night and have another event tonight. As usual, I have overscheduled the heck out of myself. So I am and always will be running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

Time to get a little sleep.



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