Who’s Got YOUR Back?

Thank you Earth Footwear, Smooth Fitness, EA Sports Active, Gaiam, Tracey Mallet, Pete Cohen, Dr. Mary Renna, and Leah Seghedi (@Bookieboo).~~Rachel~~Following In My ShoesTwitter: @Rachel_L

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Earth Footwear Sponsors this Week’s Blogging Carnival

Earth Footwear, my favorite calorie burning shoe, is sponsoring this week's Mamavation Monday. So for everyone who includes a mention of Earth Footwear in their Mamavation Monday post with a linkback will be entered into the giveaway. One winner will get a pair of Earth Footwear. Winner will be announced during the Mamavation TV show [...]

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Sista of the Week~ Week 1

On Mamavation, support is a huge part of the success behind it. This support is crucial and it all comes from you. Each and every single one of you reading this post, tweeting along with us throughout the day. You are the core of Mamavation. The Sistahood is strong and we support one another through [...]

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A Rough Patch

This week has been an extremely rough one for me. I've been so tired & felt so icky that it's not even funny. Sometimes being a female just plain sucks a big one. You can feel sore & tired & think it can't get any worse, then SURPRISE! This week has totally thrown me for [...]

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Mamavation Week 3

Ok, I look & feel like crap. That's right, I said it...BE PREPARED! Do not run screaming! If y'all are good, I'll put make-up on for ya next week to make up for this!Let's play a drinking game. You need to take a drink of water every time I rub my eyes. If I keep [...]

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Are You Up for the Challenge?: Dr. Oz & Chiquita Bananas Healthy Family Challenge

Dr. Oz and Chiquita have teamed together to create a Healthy Family Challenge on the Dr. Oz show to educate families on the importance of healthy living and why it's important to start young and do it as a family.Fact: The obesity epidemic facing our children is guaranteeing they will have a shorter lifespan than [...]

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Eco-Challenge 2: Food Sources

Happy Tuesday Mamavation family. Thank you to all who asked questions via this site and twitter last week about the Water Conservation. I hope you learned something about your local water supply and feel more connected to that resource. That connection is going to make you more apt to conserve it. This week we are [...]

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Monday morning, I met with Pete Cohen, our "weightloss guru" from The United Kingdom.I'll be honest -- I had absolutely NO idea what to expect from him.  Yeah, I had read his emails, seen his tweets, and watched a few video segments on his website.But, despite all of that, I really wasn't sure who this [...]

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Mamavation Mondays: Getting through the Exhaustion

Week three is historically very difficult for the Mamavation Moms. The honeymoon is over. Things are getting tough and they are about to get tougher. Exhaustion is bad this week. We are going to have some previous Mamavation Moms on the show to talk about how they got through it. Hopefully, this will help them [...]

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New Program~ Sista of the Week

We are running a new program here at Mamavation. This program is called Sista of the Week. Each week, the selection committee, made up of myself(@gutimom), Kim(@mentallyinked), Amanda(@beeacutie2), Morgan(@mommymomo), Kia(@bodhi_bear), and Janice(@fitcheerldr), will vote on a Sista who we believe have gone above and beyond the call of the sistahood. Not only will we read [...]

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