The Mamavation Sistahood now has seven pregnant Sistas. And it happened so quickly. Like there is something in the water that @mentallyinked, our Water Czar, has been getting us to drink. I’ve been wanting to do something special for these moms for some time now because fitness during pregnancy is VERY important and it needs to be addressed for everyone.

My two pregnancies were very different. My first pregnancy was a very unhealthy pregnancy with loads of stress. (Remember I was caring for my dying father.) The result of that was a difficult 36 hour labor and my son was born with many allergies (all of which he has grown out of already) & Sensory Integration Disorder. My last pregnancy was a super fit pregnancy and the results were a very easy 6 hour labor with 30 seconds of pushing and a baby that is perfectly healthy in every way. Now you never know why things happen, but I feel in my heart that the fitness regime contributed greatly to the health of Mr. Grumpy Pants, my second.

Here are some basic benefits of fitness during pregnancy:
1. Improves circulation which alleviates the following problems: constipation, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, leg cramps, and swelling of the ankles
2. Gives you more energy in a time when you are drained
3. Helps you sleep better
4. Improves mood swings
5. Prepares you for childbirth by giving you a shorter labor, fewer medical interventions, and less exhaustion during labor.
6. Studies show that babies suffer from less asthma & allergies (breastfeeding also contributes to this)
7. Studies show that babies have higher IQs (breastfeeding also contributes to this)

Tracey Mallett, our own Mamavation Trainer, will be on Monday night as our guest talking all about fitness during pregnancy. She has a wealth of knowledge in this area. Please invite your pregnant friends and friends that are looking to get pregnant soon to this show. It’s a very important topic. I know that not everyone is pregnant, but everyone knows someone that is or wants to be.

MAMAVATION TV: Join us Monday night at 7pm EST/10pm PST on Mingle Media TV.

And a BIG congratulations to Paige Bayer @Paigebayer for being the Sista of the Week! Give her props on twitter girls!!!!

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