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I was honored to be a special guest of Subway for an exclusive blogger event a couple of weeks ago. I learned a great deal about some new initiatives from Subway, learned some great tips for buys moms on how to fit in exercise WITH the family throughout the day, met some celebrities and had a blast! First off, let me say that Subway is one of my favorite brands in social media. Our relationship together is special cause they “get” me. They understand what I’m doing–encouraging families to live healthy lifestyles. And we are both doing it through the same audience–moms. So it’s like a match made in heaven. Subway and I are like BFFs forever.  With that being said, you know that this post is going to be about unicorns and rainbows. If you can come along for the ride with me, I’ll share some photos of Captain Chaos and I, but at the end will give you an opportunity to win a $10 gift card from Subway. I’ll I’m asking for is some comment love BABY! 😉

Day started off meeting some of the other bloggers and their family: @busymom, @MindiCherry, @MyDFWMommy. I’m telling you it was very brave of me to venture out like this with Captain Chaos. You see he has Sensory Integration Disorder, and we are just starting to take him out in situations like this to push the envelope, so to speak with his therapy. I was very happy to meet some of these other bloggers cause some of them also had special needs children and totally understood where I was coming from. *Tear of love*…sometimes it’s only in social media where you can find this type of love and support from other women.  Here is a picture of my little monster as we were taking off for the day.

First off we all went to breakfast at Subway. Breakfast is a new thing for Subway, but I think they are doing it right. They have soooo many healthy options for kids anyways. We got the ham & cheese on whole wheat english muffins. They were fab. Kids sat at the kiddy table. Moms were at the adult table. Captain Chaos enjoyed his breakfast sandwich, apple slices, & apple juice with the other kids. (BTW, he was an angel.) One new thing they have at Subway is the Kids Meal with disposable bag. It’s great for moms on the run.

After breakfast, we were off to a special Little League game that was sponsored by Subway. They call it their Little League Urban Initiative. Baseball celebrities Orel Hershiser and Fred Lynn were coaching the kids. And Subway is having a special auction to benefit Little League. They have had several baseballs signed by some Hall of Famers and are putting them up for auction on eBay. The baseballs were displayed at the game.

Then Jared arrived and we all got to talk to him and he signed some autographs for us. This is the second time I’ve talked to Jared, but the first time I’ve met in IRL. I like him. He’s very easy going and has a very “there is no such thing as perfection” kinda attitude. You HAVE to have that type of attitude to lose a grip of weight because you end up falling down so many times. Losing weight is about getting really good at picking yourself back up. So I finally got my picture taken with him.

And then he offered to give all of my Mamavation Sistas a special shout-out. This is for you guys!!

Before we sat down to watch the game, we were visited by THE Subway Sandwich Man. I didn’t even know he existed. So please don’t tell anyone cause his existence is really top secret. In fact, I’m writing this post knowing that I could be in a lot of trouble. After I took this picture, I was tackled by Jared and THE Subway Sandwich Man and they took my iPhone. No, I’m only kidding…I just ran out of iPhone juice. It was @busymom to the rescue with her batter extender thingie wingie.

After I brushed off my bruises from Jared & THE Subway Sandwich Man. Okay, I have to admit, It was me that kicked their ass with my Tae Bo. They never saw it coming. I might look all sweet and innocent, but I’m really a lean mean killing machine. I spared their lives, so they gave me more Subway sandwiches for lunch. I got a 6-inch turkey on whole wheat. No mayo or cheese. Extra veggies. This is what I usually get.

Then after the game was over, I got to met one of my favorite baseball players, Orel Hershiser. Yes, I remember watching the World Series in 1988 when he threw that last pitch. I’ll never forget it cause I was a hardcore softball player back in the day. I had a total crush. And I still do. 😉

Afterwards, we took a trip to Will Rogers Park and met with Kathy Kaehler. Kathy worked for thirteen years on the Today Show as a fitness corespondent and is also the personal trainer to numerous celebrities like Julia Roberts, Cindy Crawford, Michelle Pfeiffier, Jennifer Aniston, Denise Richards, Claudia Schiffer, & Kim Bassinger.  Okay, she doesn’t have anything to brag about. (*I’m being sarcastic*) As we were sitting there basking in her weight loss Yoda wisdom, she taught us how to make a family exercise chart. I had never heard of this concept before. Yes, you heard it. She taught ME something new. I love when that happens. She had the kids create a bunch of “exercises” that they enjoyed doing. Things like leapfrog, running, spinning, jumping jacks….my son’s contribution was “playing transformers.” We put them on the chart and everyone in the family is supposed to participate with these activities throughout the day. As they are done they are checked off, so it becomes a family challenge.

You can totally do this yourself and Subway has helped you. 

Subway Kids Calendar

I wish we would have had time for our workout, but we didn’t. I can’t fault Kathy, we were SUPER late getting there and had to take off. But before we got to the Dukes for dinner, we stopped off at the beach. This was my son’s first time at the beach. Yes, I know what you are thinking. I’m from California. I live 40 minutes from the beach we were at and we had never took him there before. Okay, it’s cause we are pale faced people who are afraid of the sun. There, I’ve said it. I should have grown up in Forks. 😉 

The rest of the evening was spent at Dukes right on the beach. We all enjoyed some wine, the atmosphere and each other. Then as it was almost time to go, a surprise was waiting for me outside. Yes, a BIG surprise. One that is black…very sexy…and stretches very long across the road. Okay, get your mind out of the gutter! It was a black limo that was waiting for me and Captain Chaos outside to take us home. OMG, I haven’t ridden in a limo since I was married, so this was so much fun.
Now I know I’ve spoiled my son because he got to ride in a limo and he’s only four. Dear Lord, my first limo ride was when I was 26 and getting married. But he was so happy in there with his little booster seat. 🙂
Thank you so much for reading about my exciting day with Subway. Just as I promised, below is a giveaway.

Giveaway: Subway would like to giveaway (2) $10 gift cards to Subway for you to try out their new breakfast sandwich OR just get whatever you want.

To Enter (unlimited entries, but please come back and comment EVERY time you enter and include your twitter ID so I know who you are): 
1. Comment on my lovely day (1 entry)
2. Tweet this message:
 “Read about @Bookieboo’s day out with @Subwayfreshbuzz and enter to win a $10 gift card, http://bit.ly/abliDM” (1 entry for every tweet, unlimited entries)

I’m going to pick a winner using random.org on next Wednesday. Stay tuned. 🙂

**Disclosure: I was not paid any cash to say anything in this post. My trip was paid for by Subway, but my thoughts and feelings are my own. So there! FTC.



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