I’m getting on the “put on a patch instead of popping a pill” bandwagon.

Here in the United States, we take pills for every thing, while in other parts of the world they use pain patches like SALONPAS.  SALONPAS is a specialized pain patch that is FDA approved to fight your aches and pains just like any other NSAID. BUT instead of popping a pill, the medicine is directly in the patch and leaks into your skin. So you put it on where it hurts and the medicine just goes in that area.  I’ve been using them after my kickboxing & weight training classes, instead of Motrin or Aleve.

SALONPAS would like to do a special giveaway for our community.

1. GRAND PRIZE – one Apple iPad valued at ~$500 (1 winner)

2. Sports watch valued at ~$100 (1 winner)

3. Additional prizes – $50 Wal-Mart gift cards (5 winners)

There are several options to entering this giveaway, but the one that will give you the most entries is by purchasing SALONPAS at your local Walmart.  For each time you purchase SALONPAS at Walmart, you will get 5 entries in the giveaway. (Just remember to come back to comment!) Follow these instructions:

Step One: Download this coupon.

Step Two: Go to Walmart and pick up some Salonpas.

Step Three: Twitpic the product with the reciept and use the hashtag #salonpaspatch

Step Four: Come back here to comment.

Additional ways to Enter:

1. “Like” SALONPAS on Facebook (1 entry)

2. “Like” Mamavation on Facebook (1 entry)

3. Tweet this message (10 tweets max, 1 entry each)

“Walmart Coupon & iPad Giveaway courtesy of @Mrsalonpas, http://bit.ly/egaRqf #salonpaspatch”

4. Comment on a status update on the SALONPAS Facebook Fan Page (1 entry)

5. Comment on a status update on the Mamavation Facebook Fan Page (1 entry)

Deadline for entries is March 21. Good luck everyone!!



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