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Over the last 2 years, through 9 campaigns, Mamavation Moms have struggled and succeeded at losing weight and changing their lives. Not just their lives, but the lives of their families have been affected and all told, the Mamavation Moms have lost over 350 lbs together. Now we are about to kick off Campaign 10 and as usual it’s time to shake things up a bit.

Campaign 10 will not only take the lives of 2 moms and transform them over the seven week bootcamp, but will also bring their husbands on board for the journey. That’s right, we will watch as couples take the steps to healthier living TOGETHER! This could get interesting 🙂

To qualify, you must have your husband on board – both of you will be responsible for video appearances throughout the campaign as well as independent Facebook updates. We’d love to see both husband and wife on Mamavation TV each Monday, but understand that SOMEONE has to watch the kids.

Don’t forget – This campaign will also be open to Canada so be sure to help spread the word to our neighbors to the north!

Some things to remember:

  1. Husband and Wife will BOTH need a weekly scale picture as well as measurements and before & After Pictures – pedicures are optional ;)It is preferred that you both reside in the same house; however special consideration may be given under special circumstances.
  2. Both Husband and Wife need to agree to the terms of the boot-camp so BOTH will need to apply – Applications will be accepted 8/29 to 9/28.   TO APPLY CLICK HERE
  3. Wives must be a member of the Mamavation Sistahood, so if you aren’t already, check out how To PLEDGE TO THE MAMAVATION SISTAHOOD You can also start following the Current Membership and interact with us on twitter.
  4. Voting will be from 10/3 to 10/10 and as long as it’s legal, you can be as creative as you want to score votes. This is where we really see who REALLY wants this life changing opportunity so we highly encourage creativity.
  5. Campaign #10 will begin 10/10 (hmm… was that a coincidence?) and continue through 11/28.
  6. If you don’t already know, we LOVE early birds, so start brainstorming now on your application video and let’s get started!
  7. There WILL be hazing and we expect both husbands and wives to participate.
  8. While separate twitter accounts for each of you is not required, it is recommended so that both of you can receive the support and encouragement of the Sistahood.
  9. If you have questions, be sure to ask them BEFORE applying.  Make sure you review the qualifications as well

Did you know that just by applying you are taking the first step to changing your life?  Even those not selected for the Boot-camp campaign, there is still the Move It and Lose It competition!  (Details here)

So who’s ready?

Recap of Important dates:

  • Applications start 8/29 to 9/28
  • Voting 10/3 to Oct 10th
  • Twitter Party Launch 10/10
  • Campaign #10 10/10 to 11/28

Now……show me who has heart!….BRING IT!



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Leah Segedie is the Founder of Mamavation and Bookieboo, a blogger network. After losing over 100 lbs, she started a career mentoring women in health and since then has assisted in over 3,500 lbs lost via the Mamavation community. Leah and her work has been mentioned in Ladies Home Journal, Reader's Digest, Fitness, Women's Day, CNN, ABC, CBS, the O'Reilly Factor, AOL, Entrepreneur, and Yahoo to name a few. She works from home in her fuzzy slippers.

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