I love the goal of our guest this week.  She is a nature enthusiast and wants to share that love with her audience and how they have their young families interact with the world.  We all do not live in places where nature is thought of as easily accessible.  It is accessible though with a little bit of creativity even when you are pregnant or have a very young child.  You just need a few tips if you do not know where to start out.  My midwife gave us a great tip when we had a newborn and were preparing for our first camping trip: do not go to a higher elevations, stay below the foothills for ear sensitivity.  For us that meant staying at 5400′ and not going to the 8000′ spot we were planning on.  We headed to the grasslands instead of the mountains – we would never had thought of that.

I am thrilled to hear what words of wisdom Cragmama will be sharing with our audience on Monday.  Small tips can really help your family get ready to play outside and enjoy yourselves.

Special Guest: Erica Lineberry (@Cragmama)

We only get one shot on this journey called life, and Erica intends to make the most of it. One of her favorite passions is getting out and exploring this playground called Earth, that she believe God created for us to enjoy. During her pregnancy and her son’s first weeks she and her husband realized that they were at a life stage where many folks give up on adventure and play, and get locked into a rut of everyday living. But they wanted to do more than just “get by.”

Most days you can find Erica outside somewhere – while her favorite athletic passion is rock climbing, she also loves waking up to birds chirping and sun light filtering through her tent, as well as wandering around in the woods with a backpack on.  Her best ideas come to her during afternoon trail runs, and occasionally she like to pretend that she knows how to mountain bike and fly-fish.

“Over the course of my life’s journey so far I’ve been blessed to have encountered so many adventures.  Some are big and some are small, but they are always filled with joy, love, and of course loads of fun along the way! My goal at Cragmama.com is to become an online resource for fellow nature enthusiasts that believe starting a family doesn’t mean the end to outdoor adventures! I haven’t been a Mommy nearly long enough to qualify as an expert in the fields of wilderness, parenting, and rock climbing. Thankfully in addition to the many mistakes I’ve made along the way I’ve also stumbled upon some really good ideas that have worked out great for our family. And if they worked for us, who knows, maybe they might work for other families, too! Its my hope that you will find inspiration and motivation to continue in an active lifestyle throughout pregnancy and beyond!  Whether you need beta for your next climbing trip, a helpful tip for squeezing in some outside time in a day slammed with errands, or are looking for gear reviews on items to make outdoor kid travels run smoothly – take a look around, hopefully you’ll get some good ideas!”

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