Have you ever worried that “putting yourself out there” may cause some problems for you down the road with privacy? I think all mom bloggers must face this at one time or another. I have. In fact, in the past I’ve had some crazy people follow me around the internet…but THANK GOD they weren’t as crazy as me lived on the other side of the country from me. But the longer I stay online, the higher the risk. I fear there is going to come a time when this will all catch up with me and possibly my family. So what do I do about it besides TOTALLY FREAK OUT get a little anxious? Well, I can live in a cave compound in the middle of the Arizona dessert guarded by armed militia with plumber cracks OR I can try something a bit simpler. I certainly don’t have the money to hire security like Brad Pitt. His security obviously wouldn’t have plumber cracks like mine would. And I really like my house in sunny California because I’m afraid that in the Arizona dessert I would just look like a red crab with polka dots all the time. OR I’d get so much Vitamin D that I might overdose and start growing extra toes out of my forehead. Or something like that. That wouldn’t be attractive, but at least I could join the circus.

How does the circus, toes out of my forehead, armed militia with plumbers cracks and privacy all connect? The other day I was invited to join the people at MyInfoGuardian.com to learn about how much of my identity is out there. Scary. My address, cell phone, social security number, mortgages, known neighbors, property information, relatives, credit information is all available online on third party sites. You know those “background search” sites where you can pay to have anyone’s information. Yeah, that. That is the kinda information that MyInfoguardian.com can shut down for you. In fact, you can also have some minor police records sealed as well so that no one knows about the public drunkenness charge you had in college, etc.

Some marketing information from corporate at Myinfoguardian.com…blah blah blah

MyInfoGuardian defends your online privacy that puts you and your family at risk. Predators, Stalkers, Abusers. Pedophiles, Identity thieves, Salesmen, Burglars and more use people search engines to buy your personal information. With MyInfoGuardian: See for free how many sites sell your information. After you subscribe, with one click we remove your information from these sites we remove it again if it comes back on these sites or appears on new sites.  MyInfoGuardian offers Individual and Family Plans to meet people’s specific needs. Another great idea for the holiday season is the Gift plan where I members can buy a gift on online privacy for others at a reduced rate.

Anyways, if you pay attention to the bottom of this post, you’ll read how I ALMOST went naked to this event and how that happened. I digress…

I’m giving away 4 YEAR LONG SUBSCRIPTIONS to MyInfoGuardian.com, jut make sure to comment for each entry. This giveaway ends on January 15th. Here is how you can win some protection YO:

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Full disclosure for my buddies at the FCC: The dudes at MyInforGuardian.com bought me lunch. It was in Beverly Hills…it was on nice china. They also paid for my valet and gave me a LIFETIME subscription to their site. So to be honest, I have NO idea how much it all cost.I’m sure you could add a couple of zeros and I’d just nod my head.  I was there with about 20 other mom bloggers and we enjoyed every last bite of Chinese food and then gave Myinfoguardian.com all our personal information so they could “protect us” too. Sooooo, basically I’m not getting paid for this one. I’m doing this for my friend Jessica Gottlieb. And I’m hoping no one took a picture of me eating some chocolate cake at the end. Give me a break…I’m pregnant…I think I might get in more trouble for that one because we are doing this 2 week challenge thingie…shit…cat is OUT of the bag because of my own big mouth. Ahhh, well…

And another thing. I asked Jessica Gottlieb what to wear to this because IT WAS in Beverly Hills and she told me to be comfortable. Well, when people tell me to be comfortable I basically interpret that as “be naked”….so I thought that Jessica Gottlieb was trying to get me naked at this event. And then I thought to myself…why would she want me there naked?…and then it dawned on me…she ALSO works for PETA…she must…they like nudity too! So I decided to wear fur to the event instead just to piss off the PETA people that were going to be hiding with cameras in the corners. I was also hoping they didn’t have a bucket of paint to pour on me while I was eating my chocolate cake vegetables. I didn’t have a fur coat…but I DID have a rabbit scarf. So there!  I shared this info with my friend Heather Spohr and she humored me by laughing. Yes, I actually think like this. Some call it crazy…I call it eccentric brilliance. And if you smiled, I win!



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