During week 2 everything started to click for me.  The exercises are starting to get easier, my meal plan is falling into place and getting easier to follow, and making time for family fitness has become a reality.  Hubs, Baybah and I rode our bikes together for the first time as a family.  All 3 of us had a blast, especially Baybah.  I loved seeing the smile on his face and hearing the “Weeeeee’s!” coming from his bike trailer as we rode down the street.  It was so much fun it did not seem like a workout at all!

Then the dreaded week 3 started.  I was not on the lookout for it.  On Sunday we went to a birthday party and I was not prepared.  When I got to the party I was hungry.  I tried my best not to eat, but the hunger took over and I ate what was available.  I did not go crazy, but I do know that a croissant sandwich and potato salad is not on Alyssa’s meal plan.  Feeling guilty and letting the emotions get the best of me I spotted this:

I resisted it for most of the party but just before I left I gave in.  Darn it! Why did I let that cupcake win?  The host of the party gave us several cupcakes to take home, I should not have taken them.  Later that evening I had a second cupcake.  I was so nervous to be honest about it on my bookieboo journal for the day.  What would my mentors say? What would my friends say?  I did not want them to be disappointed in me.  But just the opposite happened, there was a stream of support from everyone on twitter.  It was just what I needed to help lift my spirits and start the new day fresh and the rest of week 3.

So whenever temptation strikes I am going to think of advice I heard from @MNMspecial today on twitter.  She said to imagine that there is a hair in it.  I am a visual person, so here it goes!

I am sure that image is going to help some of you stay away from those cravings too. LOL.  You are welcome! 😛

Week 3 might have started out with a snag, but I plan on ending it with a bang! Here is my scale picture for the start of week 3.  I am down 1.4 pounds for the week and 4.4 pounds since I applied to be a Mamavation Mom!!

Thank you Mamavation Sista’s for all of your support!!  Thank you also to Alysa’s from InspiredRD for the yummy food plan and Pete Cohen from Weight Loss Guru for your emotional support program.

See you next week,

Lolo from Crazy About My Baybah



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