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Flawless skin is a thing of beauty. We try to cuddle, nourish, and improve it. Yet, we regularly don’t give it enough attention. It’s such shame, because it’s an amazing sensor, shield, and communicator. Because the skin is so well connected to our body, it can tell us (and others) a lot about our health. Indeed, doctors–especially dermatologists, can identify some diseases that affect the systems of the body based on an early warning on the skin. I love getting skincare tips, just because I know I need to take better care of my skin, but I have no idea how. And I am happy I am not alone on that – I have seen quite of few questions about skin issues from Mamavation community. Perfect reason to get some tips from the professionals? I think so.


Special Guest: Angela Bishop (@ninemoremonth) will share some tips on food that is good for skin nourishment.
Angela is one of our own Mamavation Mom bootcamp graduates. She is also a former clinical skin care sales person. After leaving her job selling high-end skin products, she wanted to continue to help people find solutions to their skin and hair problems. She began sharing tips and tricks she learned in her experiences through her blog. In 2008 she began blogging and writing a monthly beauty column for a popular local magazine. When she’s not writing about her favorite beauty products and advice, she can be found at home perpetually cleaning up after her two little boys, and husband too.  She blogs over at Nine More Months and at Beauty Store Dropout on OC Family.

Tim Gunn & Sandy Alcide

Special Guest: Sandy Alcide,  the Founder/Owner of Motion Medica skin care, will tell us what we need to know about skincare.
Sandy has built and maintained a reputation as an expert in problematic skin issues that come with an active lifestyle. The business began as a result of Sandy’s own personal frustration and desire to find affordable chemical free skin care for her problematic skin-mainly acne. A graduate of Long Island University and working as a medical sales representative she became determined to make a botanical affordable skin care line for people like her who crave expert results and attention. Fitness Botanical Skin Care Co was launched in 2005. Sandy Alcide is also a published author in notable fitness magazines and websites and is the President of The American Athletic Skin Care Association. A non-profit group raising awareness in the rise of Melanoma among outdoor athletes. Selected products of Motion Medica has recently won the Jones Magazine 2012 Best In Beauty Awards.

About Motion Medica: All products are made in the U.S.A., with no mass production methods (botanicals are cold pressed, not chemically extracted.)  They use unadorned, plain light weight plastic bottles and jars with no corrugated packaging (the earth appreciates this too), this helps keep the costs down for you while providing a high quality product. Motion Medica provides a range of unisex products for athletes, general skin care, skin care professionals, dermatologists and specialized retail stores.

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An entirely unique cleanser for those who put their skin through the wringer with all the sweat, heat, bacteria and dirt you encounter with a fitness lifestyle. Dermatologists agree, after a workout, you will want to go beyond the surface and get deeper down in the pores to remove bacteria, sweat, salt and oil and returns skin to proper PH to prevent acne, dullness and dryness.

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