Congratulations to our new Mamavation Moms! Hanan and Wendy have been going through the bootcamp basics, and I am sure they can’t wait to tell us all about it, but I thought we should meet these brave moms up-close and personal.

Hanan (pronounced huh-non) (@LilacCityMomma) is the mother to three beautiful girls all 5 and under, happily married to her husband of almost 3 years (together for 6). Hanan’s family has lived in eastern WA for almost 6 years and she became a SAHM a little over two years ago (after the birth of her middle child).

“My days consist of cooking, cleaning, blogging, and taking care of my family. You can find me over at, where I talk about our life here in Spokane, raising three girls, and a little of everything else about me. I love photography, writing, cooking, crafts, and when I can find time for it, curling up on the couch watching a movie or reading a good book. I’m so happy to be a part of Mamavation, and getting my butt kicked for these next 6 weeks. It’s one of the best opportunities I’ve had to help change my life for the better.” 

Wendy (@Weightisover) is a full time Wife and Mom (married to Dave, her high school sweetheart), and Mom to 2 kids – Ally, 13 3/4 (that 3/4 MATTERS to a teen!) and Aedan, 10. They live in Connecticut where Wendy spends a lot of time involved with school, animals shelter, and involved with local politics. She loves home decorating and especially reworking and refurbishing things for home. But more than that, Wendy is committed to getting healthy and fit. As a two time gynecological cancer survivor, she knows that losing weight and becoming fit is the best way to stay healthy. One of her goals is to be around to attend her grandbabies weddings and she is determined to keep this promise!

“Being a Mamavation Mom means so much to me – I’m really looking forward to the whole experience and learning the Mamavation Way of getting fit! Having the support of so many Sistas makes it so much easier. Knowing that there is always somebody out there on Twitter and Facebook who will support and cheer me on makes my journey that much smoother!”

This week on Mamavation TV we will be talking about plateaus. Almost everyone reaches a weight loss plateau at some point in their fitness journey. The reason is that the human body works hard to keep energy intake and output in balance. In other words, a body does not like to lose weight (not a revelation, huh?). After the initial weight loss, your progress will slow down and eventually stop even though your exercise and food intake is consistent. The bottom line is that the very efforts you make to burn more calories may eventually slow it down.

What do we do when we face a challenge here at Mamavation? We call an expert!

Special Guest:
  Corinne Dobbas, MS, RD, (@RDCorinnea leading nutrition counselor, writer, and speaker and trusted nutrition source for the media. She believes that optimal health starts with the activity that you do every day—eat. Corinne is a Registered Dietitian (RD) with a Masters in Nutrition who adores helping people find health through nutrition. You can find Corinne in the San Francisco Bay Area counseling, speaking, and writing about nutrition. She specializes in weight management and sports nutrition.

“You have the power to create the best, healthiest, and happiest you there is. It’s my job to help you find that “best” you.”

MAMAVATION TV: Join us Monday night at 7pm PST/10pm EST on Mingle Media TV.

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Please help me welcome new sistas into our community – Candy (@candypo). We are happy to have you!

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