Kristi Yamaguchi Tsu.YaWhen Kristi Yamaguchi’s new line of fitness wear, Tsu.ya, debuts in September in select Lord & Taylor stores and online (, moms will have a new way to look good while working out and after.

Tsu.ya (Japanese for “shiny” and also Kristi’s middle name) will open with its new fall line September 6th. Kristi explains that the styles are for the “active busy mom who sometimes gets a workout in but post-workout still wants to get on with her day and still look fashionable.” Who doesn’t want to look good while working out and then after?

A portion of the proceeds from the purchase of a Tsu.ya piece will go to the Always Dream foundation, Kristi’s organization focusing on early childhood literacy. So, when moms purchase a piece from Tsu.ya, they’ll also be helping out children who are in need of support.

Kristi has plenty of experience with children’s literature as she has written her second children’s book, It’s a Big World, Little Pig, released in March of 2012. It’s the second in her series about Poppy, a little pig who has much to learn about the world. Kristi explained that the lesson learned in Big World is that although we are all from different places and might speak different languages, look different, or have different customs, we have a lot more than that in common. Poppy learns the importance of meeting new people and sharing the pieces of her own life that make her proud.

Kristi offered her advice for eating healthy and staying in shape. Other than keeping the “junk” out of the house and modeling good exercise and eating habits for her children, she also explained that “my husband and I are using the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time, you’re trying to walk the line” by focusing on buying organic, getting the fresh food, and eating healthy. The other 20%, they allow themselves some freedom. After all, “you have to give into the cravings every now and then and then you’re fine; you don’t have to go overboard,” she said.

Kristi Yamaguchi is a household name, and many look up to her. She said it was rather intimidating at 20 years old to suddenly be a role model. But, she explained that eventually, she learned to just be herself and live her life while being as positive as she could. “People are either going to gravitate toward you or they’re not,” she said, “and you can’t change who you are to please other people. Now as a mom, even more, I try to lead by example and be as positive [as I can be] in various areas of my life.”

Kristi Yamaguchi Fitness Line

Kristi shows off "Flirt"

Kristi hopes that moms enjoy the Tsu.ya line and find it as fashionable as she does. She feels like it’s unique because it “definitely puts a more feminine and fashion twist on active wear.”

Want to know her favorite piece? It’s the jacket, “Flirt,” accented with ruffles. Be sure to check it out September 6th!

Kristi Yamaguchi and "Flirt"

Kristi Yamaguchi and "Flirt"

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