How do you usually start your day? I spend 15 minutes looking at myself in the mirror trying to fix the imperfections on my face. Mask this, conceal this, and cover the whole face with that. I am sure your morning routine looks something like that too, but how good of a start is it? Think about it, we start the day with finding what we don’t like about ourselves and go through the whole day pushing ourselves down the list and moving everyone else up the list. If you ever stopped to think about it, the answer is simple: we are moms and that’s what we do.  We serve our family, leaving very little room for positive thoughts and pampering.

Fitcation 2012 attendees were able to meet Joshua Medcalf in LA in August. When he started his speech, a few of us were slightly confused: what can this man possibly know about the lives of moms? How can he make a difference in our well being? However, thirty minutes into the conversation we were really listening.  The whole “If life deals you lemons, make lemonade” works really good in theory, but how many of us really live by this rule? That’s where Joshua comes in. He will tell you exactly how many spoons of sugar and gallons of water to add to your unhappy lemons, to make positively charged delicious lemonade (figure speech, of course).

If you have seen Joshua Medcalf in action, you will be happy to see him again and if you didn’t, make sure to attend our next Mamavation TV.

Photo Credit: Alysa Bajenaru

Special Guest: Joushua Medcalf, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Consultant. Mental training innovator. Director of Mental Training for UCLA WB.

Joshua Medcalf is a former division 1 soccer player who graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in communications. He went on to study under one of the top sport psychologists in the country at Duke University, while playing out his last year of eligibility. He started a non-profit organization that focuses on training at-risk athletes in the heart of the south central housing projects in Los Angeles, CA. In order to help fund his organization he created Train to be Clutch, in which he teaches the same life changing principles to athletes, businessmen, actors, and universities all over the world.

Train to be CLUTCH has created the first mental training apps in the world for soccer and basketball on the apple network, as well as a golf and generic mental training app, “ReFresh my Heart” which is for everyone.

Joshua has been hired as the director of mental training for UCLA women’s basketball, and is a consultant in a similar capacity for other sports programs
around the country.

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