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I’m always touting the importance of sleep in Mamavation because it’s how your body reboots itself. It important. In fact, when you don’t sleep your organs become tired as well. In fact, about seventeen hours of sustained wakefulness leads to a decrease in performance equivalent to a blood alcohold level of 0.05%. . And if you get interrupted sleep for several nights in a row, it’s possible for your body to go into a pre-diabetic state. Yikes!

The people at Sleep Number noticed that I wasn’t getting any sleep with a brand new baby, so they got a hold of me and offered to send me their brand new M9 mattress in exchange for this post. They wanted an honest opinion of what I thought about their bed. And I was VERY willing to give it to them because our mattress was exactly 10 years old. YUCK! I can only imagine the microscopic things that are living in there.

So after sleeping in the bed for about two weeks, I have several things to say about this mattress. Good and bad. Mostly good. It’s an honest critique because you are all very important to me.


It’s nicer to my back and neck. I suffer from a bad back because I was a softball catcher for 9 years and had several collisions at the plate. (Yes, this IS also one of the reasons why I’m so badass…I’m like a female line backer.)  I’ve also been in several car accidents that made my back even worse over the years. My spine is as straight as an arrow. It has no curvature whatsoever. I have some disc issues and need to modify exercises, so an uncomfortable bed can create a bad day for me very easily. The Select Number allows my back and butt to sink into the cushion a bit more. The first night I slept in it, I dreamed I was in a hammock.

Bed goes up...Bed goes down...

I can readjust it based on my mood that day. My sleep number is 30. But some days I want a 25. Those are the days I’m calling myself “a softie.” Mark on the other hand likes his bed harder. Soooo, you can imagine how nice it is for both of us to have our way. Choices are good.

It may be squishy, but it’s not sweat inducing. They put something in the memory foam that acts as a cooling agent. I’m sure it’s killing me slowly with chemicals, BUT I’m choosing zen here. This is really important to Mr. Bookieboo who sweats very easily. In fact, as a child in Chicago he was always in short sleeved shirts even in the winter time because he would get so hot all the time. No complaints with the new Select Number. I’ve heard other memory foam mattresses get really hot.

It’s not just a bed. It’s a very complicated machine on the inside. When you are purchasing it, think of it as a bed from the future. When the Sleep Number guys come to put it together, it takes about an hour. And the inside kinda looks a little “space suity.” (Is that even a word?)

The kids CAN jump on it, but I wouldn’t recommend for you to do that.

This is a specialty quality mattress. There is really nothing like it.


It took me about four days to get used to it. It is a very different feeling than a conventional mattress, so I had an adjustment period. That isn’t necessarily bad, but it’s different. Some people don’t like different. I’m okay with it.

If you want to move it, you need to call the guys to come out and do it for you because you could break part of the bed very easily. So make sure you really like the bed skirt underneath the bed.

Don’t make the mistake of jumping on the bed when it’s at a 10. I kept flying. You do need to reflate it weekly. It’s only the touch of a button. But if you forget, I’ve heard it gets misshapen. BUT perfection is then only a click away. So you need to fill it up to a 10 and then take it back down to your sleep number weekly. Just don’t jump on the bed when it’s a 10. Oh, well go ahead and try it if you want to be a rebel.

We co-sleep and the baby does not like the bed. This is a mixed bag. Right now it’s annoying, BUT in about a month he won’t be there anymore. So imagine me sticking my tongue out right now to the baby because that’s what I feel like doing.


So in my honest opinion it’s pretty darn cool. Other than the extra kicks in the middle of the night by angry baby, I’m more comfortable. Ask me this question again in a month and I’m sure, minus the baby in my bed, I’ll be sleeping like one.


And because I didn’t want to just be a show off, I’ve planned something for you.  I’m digging into my own pocket to make up for it. I’m calling it an asshole tax. I get something. You don’t. I’m the asshole because I’m talking about it. So I’m taxing myself. Thank you for reading about my experience and for being a loyal friend of the site.


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