In case you haven’t heard – Mamavation Mom Campaign #13 has come to a close and we have some major pounds to brag about. Here is Tina’s journey in two pictures. Can you believe that this change only took 6 weeks? She lost 10.8 lb and 14.5 inches.

tina kelley beforetina kelley after

Rachel went through an unbelievable transformation is well with 46 pounds and 23 inches loss.


Rock on, Ladies! You both are such an inspiration for the community and all women. Can’t wait to see you progress after the end of the campaign.

It’s has been a while since we talked about S-E-X and I know you can’t wait to have another conversation about intimacy. Are you comfortable talking about sexual things? How easy is it for you to voice your desires in the bedroom? If you don’t know how to approach this topic, our guest of the upcoming Mamavation TV show can help. She is anything but shy when it comes to different aspects of sexual life – she is a an Intimacy and Life Coach and she is stopping by on Monday night to share sexual wisdom and answer your questions.

Special Guest: Nicole, Intimacy Life Coach at Touch Within Coaching

Nicole was in her mid thirties when she realized that she wasn’t following her dreams. It didn’t take long for her to realize that she wanted to become a coach. Just weeks after meeting a life coach Nicole’s enrollment in the Coach Training Institute was completed and she was eager to learn.  During the training at CTI Nicole came across some of the most beautiful souls,  one of which was an Intimacy and Sex Coach. Soon after the training at Coach Training Institute was completed, Nicole opened her own practice. Being a life coach was very enjoyable, and Nicole was happily coaching her clients on everything – from personal and business to couples relationships.

The one issue, which kept feeding the second seed planted, was mental and physical intimacy always arose during the sessions.  Mental and Physical Intimacy is a package deal and all too often the package is not fed in the way it is deserved nor deeply desired.  My heart and soul guided towards Intimacy Coaching and I found it natural, freeing to have an open dialogue with my clients on such a beautiful want in our lives.

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