Help California Right to Know pass labeling of GMOs by doing what you already like doing–Pining. We are building awareness and you will be making a difference by helping us. This is NOT a “pin it to win it” contest. This is going to be like a scavenger hunt with prizes. YOU will be creating most of the content. Not us. The only thing I’m asking you to do is pin one graphic about the party in a board you create on your own. (Okay, so technically this is the only “pin it to win it” part…but it’s more of an info-graphic, so I don’t feel so bad asking you to do it. )

Here are some of the rules and guidelines:
1. Create a special board for this event. Title it whatever you want, but my suggestions would be something pertaining to “Label GMOs” or “GMOs” or “Vote for Food Safety” or something to that nature. Again, you decide.
2. START PINNING NOW and each time you pin include #LabelGMOs in your description. Entries will be chosen at random during the LIVE portion of this event that will be held on FACEBOOK, not twitter. Winners will come from that hashtag. There are NO limits on how many entries you can pin. Starting now.
3. PLEASE share this post on Facebook and invite your friends to participate with you.
4. The LIVE part of the event will be on the Mamavation Facebook Fan Page on Friday, Nov. 2nd. You don’t have to be at the live event to win, but there will be special prizes for the people that are there.
5. You MUST pin the image below to your specially created board to be entered for prizes. The full image is hosted here. We would like to promote this event AND educate everyday pinners on this issue. Please also link up this post.

Since this is a scavenger hunt, I’ve found several ways you can participate. Here are your options. There are NO limits on how much you want to pin.

Prompt #1: Favorite Foods. This is an issue about food safety. Everyone eats. Find images of your favorite foods and comment something to the effect of this: “If this had GMOs in it I would just DIE! #LabelGMOs” Again, your words but please include the hashtag #LabelGMOs.

Prompt #2: Celebrate our labeling efforts. Please follow CARighttoKnow on Pinterest here. Anytime you repin one of their images and attach the #LabelGMOs hashtag to it, you have an entry.

Prompt #3: Make things REAL. Pin images of yourself or your children. A graphic needs to be included that says “I’m NOT a science experiment. Label GMOs.” To include this text you can either hold up a banner or insert graphically or use your imagination. There is an example here. You can do exactly what they did or create something special. Your choice. Don’t forget to use #LabelGMOs in description.

Prompt #4: Celebrate bloggers who have joined the fight. Pin images from posts around the internet about labeling GMOs. There has been several blog posts and articles from media outlets. Just make sure to include a link back to the original content. Your own description and then #LabelGMOs. You can also pin images from a blog post YOU create yourself. And thank you if you do!

Prompt #5: Give props to the brands supporting labeling. Give some Pinterest love to brands supporting our cause. There is a list here. You can pin anything about them you want. Just make sure to include the #LabelGMOs hashtag.

Prompt #6: Find examples of foods most likely containing GMOs. Describe it however you want just make sure to include #LabelGMOs in pin. Here is some information on foods containing GMOs. Remember #LabelGMOs.

Prompt #7: Have fun with Monsanto images. Monsanto is the largest producer of GM foods in the world. There are LOADS of images out there that make fun of them, so to speak. Find those images and make sure to include #labelGMOs with your pin.

Prompt #8: Videos that really say something. Go online and find and pin videos on youtube that communicate the message of labeling GMOs effectively. Make sure to tag them #labelGMOs.

Event Details:
When can you start Pinning?
When is the Pinivation LIVE Event?
Friday, Nov. 2nd
What time?
from 7-8pm PST (10-11pm EST)
What board do I need to follow?
CA Right to Know



Frey Vineyards wines (2 winners)
War on Bugs book by Will Allen (2 winners)
Natures’s Path VIP gift basket (1 winner)
Beanitos sample pack basket (2 winners)
Traditional Medicinals gift basket (1 winner)
Straus Family Creamery free coupons (1 winner)
Prop 37 T-shirt (1 winner)
Unhealthy Truth by Robyn O’Brien (2 winners)

Please make sure to hit the linky WITH YOUR PINTEREST PAGE  to let me know you are participating. Thanks!



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