Something about the first cold snap of the year leaves me craving “comfort foods” and cozy sweatpants while I curl up with a good movie or book.  Am I the only one?

Something about winter makes it harder for me to stay on track with weight loss efforts.  Maybe it’s the onslaught of holidays and the feast that goes along with it.  Maybe it’s the colder temps that have me wearing big bulky clothes.  Maybe it’s the weather that has me wanting to stay safely under my covers instead of being active.

Regardless, I think it takes more of an effort to stay focused on weight loss goals during the winter months… As such, today we bring you a few tips and tricks for staying active and yes, even losing weight over the holidays.

(1) EAT BREAKFAST – this is one we’ve talked about a million gajillion times.  Eating breakfast – the most important meal of the day – is something many of us subscribe to… except perhaps on holidays?  where we WANT (even if only subconsciously  to gorge on the feast lain before us.  Eating breakfast is even more important on these days so we don’t over indulge.

(2) WEAR LAYERS – Ok, not I’m not gonna claim it gets remotely cold here in Texas… Especially since my partner in the north would die laughing at my idea of cold…. BUT I do know the benefit of layers.

(3) MAKE IT A FAMILY AFFAIR – get the whole family involved with a walk after Dinner – and not just on the holidays!  Between holiday Shopping and decorating the house, you are probably getting in a lot more steps than you realize – and the only way to know FOR SURE is to track those steps with a Pedometer.  Preferably an OMRON Pedometer!! If your family is competitive it can become a game to see who gets in the most steps each week with a prize at the end.  Plus, a Pedometer could be a good stocking-stuffer for the spouse who says they want to support your fitness goals….

(4) PLAY YOUR WAY THINNER – Ok, it doesn’t snow here in Texas but if you do live somewhere it does, bundle up and have a good old fashioned snowball fight… I do that when the boys and I visit snow and you’d be amazed just how much energy THAT takes.  Playing indoors with the kids can burn calories too you know and at the end of the day, these are the memories that last a lifetime.

(5) FOCUS on Non-food related gifts for friends and neighbors if you give – How often have we made the cookie plate or bread or fudge or other candy to share with co-workers, neighbors, the kids teachers, or friends.  And when we do, we snack and taste to our hearts content justifying that a little doesn’t hurt… and yet, a little bit over and over and over again adds up without us knowing it!  Instead, Browse Pinterest for a plethora of cute and fun and practical ideas that won’t add inches to your waistline or that of your loved ones.

What OTHER tips do you have for staying healthy through the winter months and holiday season?  PLEASE share!  We need all the help we can get 🙂

Speaking of Tips, here’s Jenny with her weekly Tips For Healthy Living:

And the numbers…

Shelley's Weigh In

Jenny's Weigh in


Jenny writes over at Beyond Mom and Tweets as @jennydecki.

Starting Weight: 318.4lbs.
Weight This Week: 289.2lbs.
Difference from Last Week: -4.2lbs.
Total Weight Lost: 29.2lbs.
Percentage of Body Weight Lost to Date: 9.17%


Shelley writes over at Slightly Off Kilter , Tweets as @momma_oz and spends WAY too much time on Facebook.

Starting Weight: 262.5 lbs.
Weight This Week: 239.0 lbs.
Difference from Last Week: -0.5 lbs.
Total Weight Lost: 23.5 lbs.
Percentage of Body Weight Lost to Date: 9%

**As Mamavation Moms, we receive nutritional support and fitness product from Billy Blanks ,  Omron Fitness ,  New Balance , and  Inspired RD.   We thank these companies for their continued support. **



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