Over 5.8 MILLION people voted for labeling GMOs in California in November. I’m conservatively estimating that the labeling movement in social media created over a BILLION impressions on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and Pinterest in two short months leading up to the election. I know we created over 150 MILLION impression just with the online events and blog posts. I didn’t record how much was done in addition to that. Twitter and Facebook was on fire.

So what now? Well, a new organization called GMOInside has been created to keep that momentum going forward to promote national GMO labeling. And we are launching with a twitter party on Wednesday, December 12th from 8-10pm to celebrate and help moms learn how to have a GMO free Holiday.

Would you like more information on how to have a GMO free holiday? Make sure to join us then!

Who: @GMOInside
When: Wednesday, December 12th
Time: 8-10pm EST (5-7pm PST)
Hashtag: #GMOInside
Theme: GMO Free Your Holiday

And we are going to have some amazing panelists that represent some of the best of the labeling movement.

1. @Bookieboo–Hostess
2. @GMOInside–Sponsor
3. @Nutiva–Sponsor
4. @Food_Democracy–Sponsor
5. @Thefoodbabe
6. @GreenAmerica–sponsor
7. @JessicaGottlieb
8. @LisaJohnson
9. @CedarcircleFarm–sponsor
10. @HappyMothering
11. @NonGMOProject
12. @CARighttoknow
13. @IRTnoGMOs

Help us promote!

“Learn how to have a GMO free holiday during the launch of @GMOInside on 12/12 from 8-10pm EST, http://bit.ly/UC8Y4r #GMOInside”

1. Nutiva Chia seeds (2 winners)
2. Nutiva Hemp seeds (2 winners)
3. Nutiva gift bags (2 winners)
4. Book: War on Bugs (1 winner)
5. Green America T-shirts (5 winners)
6. Green America Membershp (2 winners)
7. Non GMO Variety Food Basket (1 winner)
8. DJ Caverm CD and anti-GMO raps (1 winner)
9. Book: The Wind Up Girl (1 winner)
10. DVD: The Future of Food by Deborah Garcia and Lily Films (1 winner)
11. Book: The Unhealthy Truth by Robyn O’Brien (1 winner)
12. Wild Soap Bar 3 pack of Tis the Season scented organic soaps (1 winner)
13. Red beaded necklace from Africa and The Leakey Project (1 winner)
14. 3 sets of Hankybook: The evolution of the handkerchief (1 winner)
15. Mini sample face care set from Garden of Eve ( 1 winner)
16. DVD: Genetic Roulette by Jeffrey Smith (3 winners)

How to Enter
(please comment for each entry):
1. Tweet this message (1 entry per share)

“Learn how to have a GMO free holiday during the launch of @GMOInside on 12/12 from 8-10pm EST, http://bit.ly/UC8Y4r #GMOInside”

2. Share information about this party on an additional social media platform of your choosing like Facebook or Google+ (1 entry per share)
3. Follow @GMOInside on Twitter
4. Share some GMO free recipes with hashtag #GMOInside
5. Label some products from your kitchen cabinet and tweet them with #GMOInside (five entries)
6. Label some products from your kitchen cabinet and share about them on Facebook (five entries)
7. Label some products from your kitchen cabinet and share about them on Pinterest (five entries)

Please RSVP by hitting the linky below



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