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My 7 year old son just brought a pamphlet home that said there was a lice outbreak at his school. Have you had this happen to you before? I wanted to create something myself that would work to protect him. After a bit of research, I turned to rosemary which I already had plenty of in the front yard. I created my own DIY chemical-free lice spray to use on his hair and I wanted to share it with you. All you need is some fresh rosemary, a spray bottle, and water that is almost boiling. That’s it.

Step One: Gather some rosemary. Keep it in sprigs. Don’t chop it up. Get abut 1-2 tablespoons.

Step Two: Boil some water. You will need about 1-2 cups.

Step Three: Before the water starts to boil, pour it out in a big bowl and add the rosemary. Let it sit so the water becomes infused with rosemary oil. It turns the water a bit brown. And you want to do this is a bowl so you don’t pour the hot water directly into the spray bottle. If you do this the chemicals inside the spray bottle could leak into the water.

Step Four: After it cools down, put into spray bottle.

I spray this water concoction in my son’s hair every morning before he goes to school. He was in a classroom that had a lice outbreak and never got it. Also, if you are really worried about lice, don’t bathe your child every day. It’s not the “dirty” children that get it, it’s the clean ones. The lice is attracted to hair with no oil in it, so if they have a bit of residue or oil in their hair they are less likely to get it.

And if you don’t have already, I really recommend growing some rosemary in your backyard. It has lots of medicinal uses. My son is a BRAINIAC and I think it’s also possible that this helps with his memory and concentration at school. He has this very subtle rosemary smell he carries around all day. It’s also helpful for protection from cancer, reduces infection, and protects cells.

We can do little things as mothers everyday to protect our children before they go out into the world. I like to give them independence to make their own mistakes, but I also like to give them pieces of protection along the way.



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