In Mamavation we have a couple of rules that we live by.

First off, we strive to live healthy for our families, not for ourselves. The reason behind this is moms tend to think about themselves for five minutes a day, so it’s foolish to base your motivation on yourself because it will be short-lived. But if you base your motivation on your family, it will be constantly in your head.

Second, in Mamavation we believe that obesity is only a symptom of a far bigger problem. We are increasingly being exposed to chemicals that are not proven safe and these chemicals are instrumental in causing disease. We believe preventative medicine is the best cure to the health care crisis meaning proper nutrition based on whole non-processed foods, activity, and a significant reduction in synthetic chemical exposure.

Third, not a single person in the Mamavation Sistahood is perfect. Perfect people are kicked out because they don’t make good company. (This is a joke…kinda.) This means that if you have a bad week, who cares. Everyone is allowed to fall down and then get back up and keep at it with no questions asked.

Fourth, this is a marathon not a race. We encourage slow gradual healthy living changes. That means I NEVER encourage anyone to completely change their lifestyle when they start. That is just crazy and too much for one person to maintain without being overwhelmed. Also, consider your family, because they have to go about this with you, and it’s unfair for you to change everything so rapidly. Over months and years, your lifestyle will get better and better.

Fifth, I only allow positive supportive women in the Sistahood. The sorority is based on Sistas supporting one another in their ups and downs. It only works if the people involved carry not only their own burdens, but the burdens of their Sistas as well. If you are a trouble maker or have a tendency to attack others, you will not be welcome. And I kick out anyone who brings any negative vibes into the sorority for the good of the group.

Additional Info About Sponsorship Etiquette

Under NO circumstance is anyone from this community to contact the sponsors of Bookieboo LLC for any reason other than general chatter on twitter & Facebook. Any member contacting a sponsor could possibly be placed on suspension or removed from the community based on circumstances.


The Mamavation campaign is a for profit venture. Sponsorship relationships with the campaign are paid to Bookieboo LLC, a firm in the business of online publishing and social media consulting. Bookieboo LLC is owned by Leah Segedie. The Mamavation Moms are paid in product to represent the sponsors. They are asked to tweet, blog, and vlog about the products. Shelley Oswald (@momma_oz)  is the official assistant to the Mamavation campaign and is in charge of Membership relations. Sistahood members are not paid to represent the campaign.



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