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Leah Segedie – Creator of Mamavation, Follow @bookieboo

Leah Segedie is the founder of, Chief of the Bookieboo Blogger Network, host of the ShiftCon Social Media Conference, digital food activist and mom of three redhead boys. After losing over 100 lbs. and venturing into a healthier life, she realized that wellness has more to it than weight loss. And even though Mamavation community members have lost over 3,500 lbs, there is still so much more to a healthy lifestyle.  Leah is also a very passionate food activist. She organizes trending twitter parties monthly to educate the public about the food supply and other issues impacting public health. She also organizes blogging efforts through her network and hosts the ShiftCon Social Media Conference where green and wellness bloggers gather annually. And brands love to work with Leah because she has over 10,000 bloggers in the Bookieboo Network to create wellness related campaigns with.




Mark Segedie, Mamavation Fitness Trainer, Follow @mrbookieboo

Mark Segedie, Mamavation Fitness TrainerMark Segedie is a Chicago native who has relocated to sunny California. He’s married to Leah Segedie, creator of Mamavation, and together they have three handsome little boys. Although initially hesitant about the lifestyle changes that Leah was undertaking on her path to a healthier life for their family, he has since embraced the changes – in fact, he lost 35 pounds and studied to become the official Mamavation Fitness Trainer. He creates the workouts for Mamavation, including the Boot Camp workouts and #2WeekChallenge workouts that have assisted our community members lose over 3000 pounds. Mark also contributes articles on Tweet with him at @mrbookieboo and follow him on Facebook for an inside peek at the life of a healthy family in the spotlight.







Jeanae Osborne, Mamavation Boot Camp Graduate & Mentor, Follow @jeanae

Jeanae Osborne, Mamavation Boot Camp Graduate and MentorJeanae is a Graduate of Mamavation Boot Camp 15 and one of the Mamavation Cheerleaders in the Leadership Team. During Boot Camp 15, Jeanae earned her own hashtag as #thegoodone because she is a much sweeter person than either of her two Sistas from Other Mistas, Joanna and Rebecca.  She is a military wife, mother of one young son – Superkiddo, and worship minister. She also dabbles in gardening, allergy safe recipe conversions, and wrangling the family’s Great Dane who she loves very much despite all her protesting. She  contributes articles to, writes at, and is completing her first children’s book. Tweet with her at @jeanae and join her on Facebook and on Google+ for great conversations and a sneak peek into her crazy busy life.






Erica Hunt, Mamavation Boot Camp Graduate & Mentor, Follow @mommahunt16

Erica Hunt, Mamavation Boot Camp Graduate and MentorErica is a Mamavation Campaign 16 survivor who, in addition to hating burpees and discussing it extensively on camera, also cried (both good, bad, and ugly cries) during her weekly posts.  She is a married to her college sweatheat Papa Hunt has two kiddos Miss J and Master D, and two crazy fur babies.  In her hours away from the house you can find her classroom-usually hiding behind a stack of papers to grade-in her suburban CT high school.  She writes the Sista of Week articles and others for Mamavation as well as for her own blog ME-Mommy Etc.  Tweet with her at @mommahunt16 – she is always super nice, even if it does take her a while to respond because she has one of those “serious” jobs that have to do with the formation of the minds of youth. You can also find her on Google+.






Lydia Richmond, Mamavation Boot Camp Graduate & Mentor, Follow @lydsrich

Lydia Richmond, Mamavation Boot Camp Graduate and MentorLydia is a Graduate of Mamavation Boot Camp 17 and is also the Assistant Community Manager for Mamavation. She has a love-hate relationship with the #2weekchallenge and running, but she’s really enjoying the confidence she gained after her Boot Camp. She is the mother of two young boys (the Animal and Flash) and one sassy little girl (Miss Sassy Pants). Lydia teaches high school English for NCVPS and is an adjunct instructor for freshman composition at her local community college. She writes at and also contributes articles to Tweet with her at @lydsrich, especially if you are new to the community or have any questions. If she can’t answer them, she’ll find someone who will! Join her on Facebook and Google+ for a fascinating look at the life of a woman who is crazy intelligent – and whose genius leaves mayhem all around her.



Jessie Smith, Mamavation Boot Camp Graduate & Mentor, Follow @momvantage

Jessie Smith, Mamavation Boot Camp Graduate and MentorJessie is a Graduate of Mamavation Boot Camp 17.  A newlywed mom of two amazing kids, ages 7 and 4, she strives to include healthy eating and daily activity in their all of lives. Teaching her kids healthy habits is a huge priority, and she not only leads by example, but also by getting them involved in food choices and meal preparation. After developing a serious food allergy a year and a half ago, she has overhauled her family’s way of eating and eliminated many chemicals, additives, and processed foods from their lives. Taking the knowledge that she learned in Boot Camp about food, cleaning and personal care products she has helped her family become healthier and stay that way. Jessie can be found blogging her way through parenthood and life in general on MomVantage. Chat with her on Twitter @Momvantage and join her on Facebook and Google+ – and be sure to keep an eye out for any videos that she posts, because her crazy animals LOVE to share the spotlight with her!




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