Sunbeam Twitter Party October 25th #FindYourAhh

That gnawing pain. Menstrual cramps, pain in the back and spine or neck and shoulders. If you suffer from pain, then you know the struggle too. It's the worst, and sometimes you just want relief that doesn't come in the form of a pill. That's why we're having a heart-to-heart about heat therapy for pain relief [...]

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Why Your Kid Doesn’t Need Sports Drinks

They show up every Saturday on the sidelines of soccer: The six-packs of Gatorade and Powerade in neon colors. And they make me crazy. Because the truth is, most kids don’t need them. Even if they just played a hard game. And even if they were sweating. Sports drinks were originally created for serious athletes [...]

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5 Ways To Heal Your Back

I've dealt with back pain since I was twelve. I remember getting up in the middle of the night for a glass of water and having my back go out. I was stuck bent in half and unable to move and crying out for my mother. Years later an injury at work hurt my back [...]

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Is Seafood Safe? Investigation of Fish, Toxins & the Ocean

It’s important to feed your family seafood as part of a healthy diet, but how can you be sure that the fish you buy is safe? Today, I’ll cover why you should eat fish, what the risks are and how to choose fish that you can safely feed your family. Fish: A Necessary Part of [...]

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Mamavation’s Ultimate Green and Non-Toxic Gift Guide for Newborns & Mothers

New moms are thrust into a world full of diapers and cries, leaks, tears and sleepless nights. When their world is turned into a constant blur with tunnel vision only for baby, they deserve the best in love and care to support their little family. When mama is ready for a visit, be sure to [...]

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Autism Linked to Prenatal Exposure to PCBs

This year, the CDC reported that the rate of autism prevalence is holding steady at 1 in 68 children, however, there is a lot of debate about why autism rates have been rising over the last 20 years. High quality studies being published today link the possibly of a child developing autism with environmental factors, [...]

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Expo East Twitter Party September 23rd #ExpoEastTrends

Are you a fan of natural and organic food? Does the natural products industry get you excited? We have a treat for you if you are passionate about good food. The Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore this September is showcasing how the industry is changing. This event brings the entire industry together in Baltimore [...]

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10 Reasons to Choose a Compostable Coffee Pod Over a K-Cup For Your Keurig

Compostable coffee pods mean better tasting coffee and a healthier environment. I think if I were a woman I’d wear coffee as a perfume. —John Van Drutenfull Goodness knows having a family means lots of late nights and early mornings. For those of us that rely on a morning cup to get us ready for [...]

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10 Things to Know To Find a Safe Bug Repellent

It’s the height of summer and prime time for family camping vacations. That also means it’s the height of bug season. It can be confusing trying to figure out what bug repellents are best for keeping bug bites at bay for your family—how bad is DEET really, what the heck is permethrin, and do essential oils [...]

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Women Won’t Be Working Out at Gold’s Gym Anymore

Yeah, I'm totally calling you a dumbass, Gold's Gym. And it feels so good because...well, it's true. Whoever is running your shit over in Egypt, where this original image was created, is embarrassing you. Actually, they may lose you a ton of money from all the pissed off pear-shaped goddesses out there flipping you the [...]

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