Sunbeam® Twitter Party October 25th #FindYourAhh

That gnawing pain. Menstrual cramps, pain in the back and spine or neck and shoulders. If you suffer from pain, then you know the struggle too. It's the worst, and sometimes you just want relief that doesn't come in the form of a pill. That's why we're having a heart-to-heart about heat therapy for pain relief [...]

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Cleaning Up the Air Inside Your Home in 5 Easy Steps

Americans spend the vast majority of their time inside their homes sleeping, eating and enjoying their family. That basically means that the home is the center point of breathing. Considering how much time is spent inside the home, the air quality inside your home can greatly impact your health - and so it's essential to [...]

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Fight Inflammation: 5 Steps by Author Amie Valpone

Disclosure: This post was written by Amie Valpone, author of Eating Clean: The 21-Day Plan to Detox, Fight Inflammation, and Reset Your Body. Affiliate links are present. My journey to fighting the fire of inflammation in my body started ten years ago when I was suffering from many debilitating and unexplained symptoms. I was on [...]

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Top 5 Reasons To Try Kombucha Tea

Kombucha, Kombucha, Kombucha! Say that three times fast and see if you can stop yourself from smiling or laughing. Although this funky, fermented tea has a funny name, it is a fount of fuel, fizz, and nutrition. Maybe you’ve heard of it or maybe it is completely new to you, but either way, it is [...]

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What is a Twitter Party and How do I Attend One?

A twitter party is basically a live chat on Twitter using the hashtag (#) search feature to organize the conversation and encourage others to participate. For attendees, a twitter party is a fun event where you can make new friends, chat about a subject that inspires or interests you and potentially win prizes. Twitter parties [...]

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The Rise of Autism: What’s Really Happening?

When a disorder shows exponential rate increases and becomes the fastest-growing developmental disability, according to the CDC, it's something worth looking into. It's happening with Autism. It's now affecting as many as 1 in 68 children in America and in the 10 year span from 2000-2010 there was a 119.4% increase in autism in the U.S. Autism has become such [...]

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The Mamavation #2WeekChallenge is back! August 9th-August 22nd

One of the most frequent things I'm asked is "when is the next Mamavation #2WeekChallenge?" I'm happy to announce that the 18th Mamavation #2WeekChallenge is starting August 9th. You can do this and we are here to help.  **Please note that you will need dumbbells for many of the exercises. 5#, 8#, 10#, 12# and [...]

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The Top Green & Wellness Blogs of the Year 2014

This year has seen some amazing SHIFT of cultural patterns when it comes to food and health and it's relation to our environment.  People are paying closer attention to ingredients in food and consumable products AND they are purchasing less of what they don't need. These changes could not have been possible without support from [...]

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Apply to be an Orgain Blogger Ambassador Through #HowIOrgain Campaign

Disclaimer: Bookieboo LLC is being compensated to host a blogger search for Orgain. As a network, we do NOT work with food companies that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the consumable part of the product. So you can rest assured that this client has met our standards. Also please note any time you Tweet, [...]

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McDonald’s CEO Laughs at A Mom Who Tells Story of Her Childhood Eating Disorder

Yesterday, I read a statement at the McDonald's Shareholder Meeting and spoke personally with Don Thompson, CEO of McDonalds. When I personally told Mr. Thompson about my childhood eating disorder and how as a child I associated Happy Meals with happiness, he laughed at me. He said "Happy Meals can't give you an eating disorder [...]

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